Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wonderful Wedding - Anniversary Waltz

The June 13, 2008 issue of Arizona Jewish Post, , had a great article about Wonderful Weddings which quotes couples as to what makes a good marriage. The following are some of the quotes:
"A great understanding of one another and respect are the keys to a successful marriage."
"A good sense of humor is the key to staying married.
"They have happily made it to their golden anniversary owing to the philosophy that each person should be prepared to give more than 50 percent."
"We just love each other."
"Respecting one another and growing together. You either grow together or you grow apart."
"The love turns into friendship, I enjoy being with her. She is my best friend."
There’s nothing left to fight over. We enjoy every day, and that’s what it’s all about."
"We respect each other and try to listen once in awhile instead of just talking."
"Our marital success also hinges on compromise."
"Having trust and caring for each other in sickness and health, during ups and downs in family life and enjoying each other at all times contributes to an enduring marriage."
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