Friday, January 24, 2014

House Hunters International, Divorce, and Mediation

We are addicted to the International House Hunter’s TV show.  We often have many shows backed up on our DVR.  I am always fascinated by the interpersonal dynamics of the couple and sometimes the realtor.  I don’t know if it is for dramatic purposes or for real but the couple always seems to find something wrong with each house but they pick one anyway.  At the end of the show they always seem very happy with their choice. On the United States version they sometimes get a rejected bid but never on the International version of the show.  Houses often need renovation but they don’t say what the renovations cost.  What I really like and what I think applies to mediation, is the process of elimination.  It is a good technique for making a decision.  The couple is always limited to three choices.  It is better if there are not too many options.  The couple always says “we must eliminate one of the three homes.”  It then makes it easier to pick between the remaining two homes.  We try to do the same thing in divorce mediation.  Important to know the cost of a divorce.  Also, is not bad if everyone is happy at the end!
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