Sunday, February 19, 2012

Out-Laws and In-Laws

An interesting divorce phenomenon is what happens when you like the spouse your sibling divorced more than the sibling’s new spouse. This may go beyond the ex-spouse to the ex-spouse’s relatives. I have come across this a few times but I never knew what to call it until last night when a person was introduced to me as my friend’s out-law. This is in contrast to being an in-law which is a person related by marriage. I guess you could also call the person an ex-law or former-law. Perhaps it would be more precise to say sister-out-law. I Goggled and came up with ironically a recent article in the Philipine Star at . More often than not the reference is to an outlaw or criminal. I still like the term out-law. The relationship does create some sibling problems and certainly the new spouse is not overjoyed. This is especially the case when you like the first spouse more than the new spouse. However, I have actually seen a situation where the first wife and second wife get along and the mutual husband all get along.

I always like to include a picture with my blogs. I could not find an out-law or in-law picture I liked so I resorted to movie posters that were interesting. In this case three. First, I love Clint Eastwood so I picked The Outlaw Josey ‘Wa les. Second, I have always been fascinated by Howard Hughes and remember reading about the movie he made with Jane Russell, The Outlaw and finally why not the In-laws with Peter Falk and Alan Arkin.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Divorce, Mediation and Broadcast Call Letters

As a child I noted with pride that my Father’s license plate was KLNW or WNLK backwards. My Father had come to Connecticut to work in radio advertising and first went to work at WNAB in Bridgeport and then to WNLK when it opened in Norwalk, Connecticut. He told the story how he first had WNLK but the owner wanted it and so he got WNLK backwards or KLNW. This all lead to my wanting my own license plate which has been ZWMZ since 1969 but also lead to an interest in broadcast call letters. I Goggled call letters and found a web site that listed most and what they mean. See it at It included WNLK which is an abbreviation for NorwaLK. Of course I looked for ones dealing with mediation and divorce and found a few and a few others which were interesting or had a personal meaning. Remember that the first letter K is for stations west of the Mississippi and W for those east of the Mississippi. These include:

WDIV-TV,Detroit, MI for D)etroit IV = 4 (Channel 4) but could also be an abbreviation for DIVorce.

KID, Idaho Falls, ID for I)d)aho Falls, Idaho but also kids.

KIDO, Nampa, ID,for K)i)d)do), knickname for member of owner's family.

KFAM, St. Cloud, MN for F)red a)nd M)aude, the original owners but also abbreviation for FAMily.

KFAT, Gilroy, CA for all sorts of things based on 'FAT'

KBOM, Los Alamos, NM for BOM = bomb (birthplace of atomic bomb). Always wanted to visit but have been to the Trinity site.

KDRO, Sedalia, MO for D)r)o)lich Brothers in Divorce court DRO stands for Domestic Relations Officer.

KDOG, Mankato, MN for The D)o)g) Slogan: We've got a leg up. I like dogs and especially Golden Retrievers.

KFOG, San Francisco, CA for San Francisco: F)o)g) City.

KFRO, Longview, TX for K)eep F)orever R)olling O)n but also Family Relations Officer.

KFYI, Phoenix, AZ for F)or Y)our I)nformation.

KGET(TV), Bakersfield, CA for K)ern [County] G)olden E)mpire but also for the Jewish Divorce, a GET.

KIND, Independence, for I)n)d)ependence.

KOOL, Phoenix, AZ for KOOL = Cool Note: see KOLD, Tucson

KOLD-TV, Tucson, AZ for KOLD = Cold Note: see KOOL, Phoenix. Tucson is my home town!

KPIG, Freedom, CA for The P)i)g) at 107 oink 5 FM.

KUDO, Anchorage, AK for KUDOs for Anchorage.

WCOP, Boston, MA for C)o)p)ley Square Broadcasting Co. Also COP for policeman.

WCOW, Sparta, WI for COW - America's Dairyland

WCPA, Clearfield, PA for C)learfield, P)A) but also Certifed Public Accountant.

WHAM, Rochester, NY. Chosen by owner George Eastman because

they sounded nice

WHEN, Syracuse, NY. Easily remembered, single syllable word but also a question frequently asked in mediation.

WHIZ, Zanesville, OH for W)e're H)ere I)n Z)anesville

WHO, Des Moines, IA for Who is it? or W)ith H)ands O)nly but also a question frequently asked in mediation.

WINS, New York, NY for I)nternational N)ews S)ervice, Hearst Wire Service but also what everyone wants to do in a divorce.

WLIP, Kenosha, WI for William L)i)p)man, the founder and 40 ars-plus owner.

WMAM, Marinette, WI for M)arinette a)nd M)enominee but also one of my daughter’s initials or greeting for women.

WMGM¸New York, NY for M)etro-G)oldwyn-M)ayer but also my Wife’s initials.

WMMM, Westport, CT for W)estport's M)odern M)inute M)an Note: Reference to Minuteman Statue in area. (Further note that Statue was in a I Love Lucy show) Near towns we lived in Connecticut an my initials and my Wife’s initials.

Christian station

WOLF, Syracuse, NY for Memorable name and image for 'WOLF' but also my name in Hebrew and the name my parents almost gave me.

WOMN, Hamden, CT for W)om)an), now WQUN [was targeting women

WORK, York, PA for Yo)r)k), later WZIX and WOYK but also a favorite line by Maynard G. Grebbs in the Dobbie Gillis Show.

KSHE, St. Louis, MO. Originally featured a format targeted toward women

KSSN, Little Rock, AR for Kissin'.

WUPI, Peabody, MA for Whoopie as in Making Whoopie. Also I like Whoopie pies.

WVIP, Mt Kisco, NY for V)ery I)mportant P)lace (on your dial) for V)ery I)mportant P)eople

WWON, Waynesboro, TN for WON='one', W-ONE and Woonsocket, RI for L W)o)on)socket. What a person hopes to have done in a divorce.

WHUS, Storrs, Connecticut for Husky the University of Connecticut mascot. A double hit for me. I went to undergraduate and law school there and could be an abbreviation for HUSband.

I could not find any K or W ADR for Alternative Dispute Resolution, MED for Mediation or WIFE, IRA for Individual Retirement Account, ATY for attorney, DEF for defendant, PLT for plaintiff, WIFE, MOU FOR MEMBERANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING, TRO for Temporary Restraining Order, SSN FOR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. See my blog on Divorce and Marriage Acronyms on January 20, 2011 at for more possibilities.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rube Goldberg Divorce

I have always been a fan of Rube Goldberg. You can learn more about him and see examples of his work at his official web site at According to Wikepedia, “Reuben Garrett Lucius Goldberg (July 4, 1883 – December 7, 1970) was an American cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer and inventor. He is best known for a series of popular cartoons depicting complex gadgets that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways. These devices are now known as Rube Goldberg machines. Goldberg was only married once but one of his characters Boob McNutt married his true love Pearl, then divorced, then married again and divorced again. I don’t think Liz Taylor and Richard Burton did that! I cannot draw cartoons but I have tried to write a Rube Goldberg scenario for a divorce. It follows:

1. Man is watching movie Cleopatra on TV and thinks about Richard Burton and Liz Taylor getting divorce and his Wife walks into the room.

2. Man asks his Wife for a divorce, she faints and scares the cat.

3. The cat run away causing the dog to chase the cat. The cat lands on the CD player and starts the song Divorce my Tammy Wyatt.

4. The dog knocks over the telephone which hits the speed dial on the phone calling the Husband's attorney.

5. The Husband's attorney has caller id and hears Tammy Wynettte singing divorce and promptly prepares the divorce papers, gives the papers to the Sheriff to serve the Wife and bills the Husband.

6. The Sheriff services the Wife who faints again and drops the papers. A bird flys by picks up the papers and flys out the window.

7. The Wife's attorney happens to be sitting on a park bench near by and the bird drops the papers in his lap. The attorney goes back to his office and promptly files an answer, cross complaint, a dislcosure and production motion, schedules a deposition and sends a bill to the Wife.

8. The bills both arrive the same day and both the Husband and Wife faint and do nothing.

9. The court does not hear from either party and by mistake grants the divorce and notify both Husband and Wife

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