Monday, November 30, 2015

Halloween, Divorce, and Mediation

Holiday time is always difficult in divorce cases with children.  Parents must somehow share the holiday.  I will always remember a case where Halloween was the most important holiday for the Father. He spent hours getting ready and was willing to give up many things in the divorce so he could have Halloween with his child.  Some people may think trick or treat is a good divorce or mediation strategy. For others divorcing, it may be a time to let off steam or become someone else.  In the long run this may make the divorce process less stressful and easier.  For reasons I don’t understand, many people get dressed up as a celebrity couple who are divorcing.  I found the greeting card amusing that said, “I think by ex-huband’s girlfriend is so awesome so I dressed my kids like her for Halloween this year.” With a picture of a witch riding a broom.If for no other reason, you can go trick or treating, get lots of candy and have a chocolate fix! 

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