Monday, June 2, 2008

High Profile Divorces in the News

Gov. Jim Gibbons of Nevada and his wife Dawn
at his inauguration in 2007.
(Photo: Kevin Clifford/Nevada Appeal, via Associated Press)

I previously wrote about the Governor of Nevada’s, Paul McCartney’s and Robin Williams’ divorces. High profile divorces are news. The Govenor of Nevada’s divorce continues to get worse and make news. Steve Friess recently commented on it in his blog. He said "the governor of the state made famous in part for its quick, private divorces is now embroiled in a breakup so tawdry, so publicly spectacular and so potentially grueling that how it plays out could have implications from Carson City to the White House...The scandal is alarming Republican operatives in the state who believe disaffection with Mr. Gibbons is already dooming his own re-election chances in 2010 but also could impact how swing-state Nevada goes this fall in the presidential race...This absolutely could depress Republicans who are already depressed," said Chuck Muth, a Republican political consultant and blogger. "This could hurt McCain’s ability to hold on to Nevada" See entire blog at
Closer to home I was glad to read in the article by Kim Smith in the May 30, 2008, Arizona Daily Star that the University of Arizona Head Basketball coach, Lute Olson and his wife, Christine Olson have settled their divorce case. See entire story at
Both of these cases may encourage couples to seek mediation, rather than expensive and emotionally draining divorces.
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