Friday, May 2, 2008

Mediation in Cuba

A few years ago we were fortunate to take a tour of Cuba for mediators. It was organized by Vicky Ryder of New York. Cuba is a beautiful country. We met with the head of mediation for the University of Havana. I was given a book about mediation in Cuba but my high school Spanish is not good enough to read the book! Mediation is universal. We also met with the Havana Bar Association. Divorce in Cuba is not as complicated as here. There are no issues dealing with health care or housing and there is a strong presumption that the Mother retains custody of the children. Another highlight of the trip was visiting Ernest Hemingway’s home. One of the great results of the case was that I met some wonderful mediators from all over the country who have been become good friends including Jennifer Kresge.

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