Friday, May 23, 2008

Golden Retriever and Mediation

Molly was our golden retriever for 14 years. She would sometimes come with me to divorce mediation sessions. She was a great help both as an ice breaker and as an indicator of tension levels. If the couple got angry, she would get upset. I now work with Rescue a Golden of Arizona transporting gold retrievers to a new and better home. It is a very rewarding experience. In addition I get to use my mediation skills not only with new and old owners but with parties who want to have more than one dog. As always, you can post a comment about this blog, Divorce Mediation, or Tucson Arizona by following the directions at the right in the green column or at the bottom of this website or participate in our Presidential poll located below the directions. WM 5/23/08

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Joy Rosenthal - Let's talk! said...

hi -
I'm a mediator with a golden retriever, too. I've learned a lot from him! He goes up to each person and gently leans against them, showing that they each deserve attention, love and the opportunity to be loving. Could it be that they are nature's best mediators?
Joy Rosenthal - NYC