Monday, August 31, 2015

Simpsons and Mediation

    We were surprised recently to hear that Homer and Marge Simpson are getting legally separated. It’s been announced that in the first episode of the 27th Simpsons series, Homer will fall in love with a pharmacist played by Lena Dunham, and that’ll be the end of their marriage. My first reaction was why legal separation. Our experience has been that  often couples are afraid to say they are getting divorced and are more comfortable saying they are getting legally separated. During the mediation, as they become more comfortable acknowledging feelings and needs, they frequently decide that they actually wish to divorce. There are couples for whom legal separation is the preferred alternative such as those for whom their religion precludes divorce and those whose health situation makes staying on their spouse's insurance beneficial and if they are legally separated as opposed to divorced, they will be allowed to stay on the same insurance plan. 
    A second reaction was, will they mediate their legal separation and who should do the voice of the mediator? We always like James Earl Jones even if he was Darth Vader. Or perhaps Owen Wilson or Vince Vaughn who played wacky mediators in "Wedding Crashers." If they mediate there is a higher likelihood that Homer and Marge may get back together!
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