Sunday, July 8, 2012

Divorce Pill

When I first saw the web site for the Divorce pill at, my reaction was it was a pill you could take to get divorced.  I thought that was a great concept. I have often had clients come to me in such distress that I they wish I could wave a magic wand and they would be divorced.  Unfortunately or not the pill does not do this but is rather a way to deal with the stress of divorce.  Some of the representations on the web site are
How the Divorce Pill Works
The Divorce Pill was specifically created to raise serotonin levels in the brain.
By using a special blend of herbs including
        St. John's Wart-to promote a positive mood,
        5-HTP- a precursor of serotonin
        Korean Ginseng- to enhance mental vitality and physical endurance
        Valerian Root- supports feelings of calmness and lowers stress levels.
        Passion Flower- encourages relaxation and Serenity
Cutting edge herbal technology, specifically blended to ease the physical and psychologically induced trauma of divorce
        Live your life to the fullest
        The Divorce Pill is perfect for people suffering from depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and loneliness.
        Buy One Get One FREE
The Divorce Pill is perfect for people suffering from depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and loneliness.
"The single most powerful predictor of stress-related physical, as well as emotional illness is marital disruption." National Institute of Mental Health
"The divorced or widowed are 20% more likely to have heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or other chronic conditions" Dr Mark Hayward PHD, University of Texas
"Divorce is a traumatic life event that can trigger significant symptoms of depression" The Surgeon General
"Long-term stress before, during, and after a divorce may accelerate the biologic processes that lead to cardiovascular disease and possibly other chronic diseases" Web MD
I guess we will have to continue to use the tried and true ways of getting a divorce.

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Utah Divorce Mediation said...

Im really shocked to see this Divorce pill. This is just a proof to show how the divorce has increased in our country..

Roxy | Cheap Pa Divorce said...

Divorce can get so stressful that you may experience pains and discomforts that you can't easily describe. A divorce pill is just a great idea, even a "placebo" might create wonders to appease the minds of divorcing couples.

Negi said...

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Edmonton divorce lawyer mediation said...

Divorce is a process that can get real tough in terms of stress and discomforts. Mediation is the process that can lower down your problems in terms of settlements and few other aspects. As per the pills are concerned it can be a great way to reduce your mental stress at the crucial times.