Sunday, June 10, 2012

Divorce Boat

I use to suggest that we do mediation on a cruise and call it Divorce Boat, a variation on the TV show, Love Boat.  My idea was to let be able to let couples focus and be more relaxed.  It would make it easier to resolve the divorce.  A variation was to do it at a spa.  Most people that it was not a great idea and I never pursued it.   Then on May 27, 2012 I read in the New York Times an article about the Divorce Hotel.  See full article at  the concept is the same. The rates are high and the difference in state laws is still a problem.   I am curious to see if Divorce Hotel catches on.  Perhaps I will now pursue my idea.  I was impressed that they discussed using mediators but disappointed that no mediators were quoted in the article.   I take issue with the quote of Mr. Cohen, a divorce lawyer, who says,  “the courts are so backed up with cases that people are moving toward mediation and arbitration to end marriages, at least when huge sums of money or child custody are not at stake.” This is a self serving comment made by many divorce attorneys.  We have mediated many cases with multimillion dollar assets and child custody at stake.  It is my experience that mediation actually resolves these cases much better than adversary divorce.  There is no proof to substantiate what Mr. Cohen says.  In fact the study we did shows there is no difference in the financial results of mediated and adversary cases.  See study at

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