Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

The logo for my Divorce TV show is the above broken heart. Since the shows originates from Tucson, Arizona, I always thought it would be appropriate to have a cactus shaped heart. I pondered how I could get one and even thought of cutting up a cactus. I was pleasantly surprised to find the following heart shaped cactus in the Arizona Star on Valentines Day.

It then occurred to me that I should have used Google Images to find a heart shaped cactus. When I googled it I found lots of them. See them at
I am now planning to use the heart shaped cactus as part of the introduction to the show.
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It's a sad thing when couple get divorce after their marriage got some issues. Maybe they have lost love and forgot about the first time how they felt about each other. It's important to keep marriage forever and work on the issues. Anyway if couple really can't be together anymore, separation might be the only best choice.