Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Milky Way

On our way back from Denver to see the Obama acceptance speech, we stopped in Creste Butte, Colorado to visit friends. It is a beautiful town and our friends pointed out the spectacular night sky. I realized I have never seen the milky way before. It also reminded me of testing a telescope when we first moved to Tucson. I realized that you look up at the sky and only see a fraction of what is there. With the help of a telescope I saw the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter. They are always there but we can't always seen them. The same is true for divorce mediation. Solutions are always there but we can't always see them. Sometimes, it takes the help of the mediator. As always, you can post any comment about this blog, Divorce Mediation, or Tucson Arizona by following the directions at the right in the green column or at the bottom of this website or participate in our Presidential poll located below the directions. WM 9/14/08

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