Friday, February 8, 2008


Over the years we have found the balance of two mediators often makes each member of the couple feel more comfortable. We offer couples the choice of one mediator or co-mediation. Many couples prefer the balance of a male and female mediator and the added insights these trained mediators with legal and mental health backgrounds bring to the process. The greater understanding of psychological dynamics that a therapist-mediator brings to divorce mediation is very useful in overcoming blockages in the process. When custody issues exist, the input of the psychologist-mediator helps regarding children's reactions to divorce and the potential impact of various custody arrangements on children. The modeling by mediators of a wife and husband and a father and mother help a couple. We can show how you can disagree with respect and understanding. Post a comment for more details or to tell us what you think of Co-mediation. Directions on how to post a comment are in the green column on the right or at the bottom of this page. WM 2/8/08

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Naomi said...

I found your site recently and enjoy reading many of the past blog posts.

In this blog, you use the term, psychologist-mediator. In our mediation, we have a good mediator (an attorney) who is compassionate and fair, but I have been trying my best not to put him in a position of a counselor/therapist. As custody arrangements are the major discussion points, it is sometimes very difficult not to become emotional, but my understanding of the role of the mediator is the facilitator of the discussion between myself and my spouse, and I thought we have to be as business-like as possible.

I have been thinking that I need to find a psychologist for my emotional counseling and for children, but to have to explain the mediation to another individual seems like another burden. It sounds like co-mediation could encompass business and an element of therapy.

I don't know anyone else around me who has used mediation, and cannot compare notes, so this site is helping me learn issues and scope of mediation, as well as communication and conflict resolution.