Sunday, January 1, 2006

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We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Wally and Mary Marcus


juju said...

Dear Wally and Mary:

I regret to say that lawyers who earn their money primarily by litigation may be partly responsible for perpetuating both the urban myths surrounding the divorce process and the pugalistic nature of divorce. How can the parties co-parent after they have spent close to a year beating each other up? It is up to the professionals to explain the non-monetary -- but essential -- value of getting a "good" divorce.

Best regards for the New Year,
Julia v.S.

ProPer Process said...

Your points about divorce express both the spirit and the reality of how divorces may be handled. Your service is invaluable, Roger//

Woman of High Tides said...

Dear Wally and Mary Marcus,

When my husband and I got divorced, mediation certainly helped to keep the process civilized and also helped us keep our assets instead of wasting them on legal fees.

Thank you for your insights regarding the mediation process.

Foley Joe said...

Dear Mr. Walter Marcus and Dr. Mary Marcus:

I regret having obtained my divorce "the old fashioned way" - many sleepless nights later with little to show for the process other than a thinner wallet. A decade from now, mediation will be the only approach to divorce. Wish I'd known sooner.

Empowered Advocate said...

THANK YOU for attempting to spread the `word'.. the process.. the idea that a person can actually be knowledgeable, and capable of knowing what's important to them. It is possible for us be our own advocate rather than paying someone else to `represent' us ~ stand in our stead, replace our voice. Who cares more about our assets and our children than ourselves?
We all know the only ones who win in a divorce are the attorneys, so why do we keep doing this? Because our culture tells us to?
Good effort W&M Marcus to change the culture ~ let's spread the word'!!!!!!!!!!!

billd said...

Hi Wally & Mary,

Great job on the blog! Lots of useful & interesting information.

Keep up the great work!

Bill Donaldson

Anonymous said...

A key to the success is helping each party see how they can come out ahead through the process, whether it be avoiding pain, avoiding greater financial sacrifice or gaining increased financial seurity, or improving emotional well being; etc. If each party feels they are walking away from the table with something positive gained, the process should be a success.